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The origins of Vilnius choir singing school "Liepaitės" reach 1963, when young choir leaders Liucija Palinauskaitė and Petras Vailionis founded girls choir singing group "Liepaitės" at the Republican Trade Union Palace of Culture. Since 1964 the choir has been actively performing and in next three decades became widely known. Owning to efforts of the longtime leader of the group, later the headmaster of the school P. Vailionis (leading the school until 2009) in December 1992 the choir singing group was reorganized and Vilnius choir singing school "Liepaitės" was established. The first edict of the headmaster is dated 4th of January 1993, with it the personnel was brought together and the structure of the school was created.


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Vilnius choir singing school "Liepaitės" firmly took root in cultural life of Lithuania. "Liepaitės" performs in biggest concert halls, choir’s voices are conducted by the most celebrated conductors of Lithuania J. Domarkas, S. Sondeckis, G. Rinkevičius, R. Šervenikas, M. Pitrėnas, M. Staškus. Choirs have broad repertoire - from Lithuanian folklore songs to large-scale works with an orchestra. Concert tour routes are widely spread throughout all the Europe.

Since 2009 the headmistress of the school is Edita Jaraminienė, headmistress deputies in educational affairs are Margarita Bereščanskaja and Ieva Miškinienė. School has 42 highly qualified teachers, concertmasters.



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