Vilnius choir singing school "Liepaitės" today       

            TLF 9844Vilnius choir singing school "Liepaitės" firmly took root in cultural life of Lithuania. "Liepaitės" performs in biggest concert halls, choir’s voices are conducted by the most celebrated conductors of Lithuania J. Domarkas, S. Sondeckis, G. Rinkevičius, R. Šervenikas, M. Pitrėnas, M. Staškus. Choirs have broad repertoire - from Lithuanian folklore songs to large-scale works with an orchestra. Concert tour routes are widely spread throughout all the Europe.

School has 40 highly qualified teachers and concertmasters: 5 expert teachers, 1 expert accompanist, 12 supervisor teachers, 2 supervisor accompanists, 9 supreme teachers and 3 supreme accompanists. We are glad, that today in the school work first "Liepaitės” singers and schoolgirls, who later became choir teacher, and now - known choirmasters: teacher-expert H. Šečkuvienė, A. Steponavičiūtė Zupkauskienė, N. Timofejeva, from the younger generation - supervisor teacher I. Miškinienė. More...

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